Technology consulting since 2016.

With a background as a technology consultant since 2016, Omar has cultivated a portfolio of experiences that spans various sectors including retail, corporate, nonprofit, and educational institutions. His journey began in a computer repair store and has since navigated through the technological landscapes of a leading technology company, a forward-thinking nonprofit, and an information-rich library setting. This broad exposure has equipped him with a unique perspective on the integration of technology in various operational contexts.

A standout achievement in his career was his pivotal role in consulting for a local nonprofit library, guiding them through the complex process of digitizing documents, workflows, and operations. This project showcased his ability to manage intricate digital transformations but also underscored his expertise in network management and Systems Administration. As he looks to the future, he is committed to further enriching his knowledge and skills, with a particular focus on pursuing a master's in information technology, a step that underscores his lifelong commitment professional growth.


Key areas of expertise.

In the dynamic digital landscape, expertise in Static Websites, Integrations, Content Marketing, and Technology Modernization forms the foundation for leveraging technology effectively. These domains are essential for businesses aiming to not only succeed but also secure a competitive advantage in their industries.

Static Websites

Static websites serve as a fundamental platform for establishing a robust online presence, offering advantages in speed, security, and reliability. They are designed to be visually captivating while optimized for user experience and performance. Perfect for businesses and personal portfolios looking for efficient and impactful online platforms.


Integrations are crucial for creating efficient, streamlined business operations by allowing different systems and software to function as a cohesive unit. The implementation of integrations ensures not only immediate enhancements in functionality but also accommodates scalable growth, enabling businesses to evolve and innovate continually.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a key strategy for engaging and retaining customers, aiming to elevate brand awareness and build meaningful relationships. A successful content marketing approach leverages data analytics and SEO practices to ensure content resonates with the intended audience and ranks highly on search engines.

Technology Modernization

Technology modernization is essential for businesses seeking to stay competitive and adapt to the rapid pace of digital evolution. This process involves the strategic overhaul of outdated systems with cutting-edge technologies, focusing on cloud computing, automation, and digital workflows to boost efficiency and operational capabilities.


Our Software Stack: Powered by Industry Giants.

"Our Software Stack: Powered by Industry Giants" highlights our use of advanced technology tools from Microsoft, Google, and AWS to build a robust foundation for services like cloud computing and scalable hosting. This strategic use of industry-leading technologies ensures our projects are secure and efficient. By leveraging these tools, we deliver tailored, high-quality solutions that meet our clients' diverse needs.

Our work benefits from the use of specialized software from Docker, Github, and Adobe, which facilitates seamless development processes and creative content creation. For content marketing and e-commerce solutions, we utilize versatile platforms such as WordPress, Mailchimp, and Shopify. These enable us to manage websites in a flexible, user-friendly manner and execute effective digital marketing campaigns. By harnessing the capabilities of these top-tier tools, we ensure that our projects are executed with precision and excellence, helping our clients achieve a competitive advantage through technological innovation and strategic implementation.

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